Answering the toughest question of the fall season…

With Halloween less than a week away, one vital question is sure to be on many people’s minds: “What will my costume be this year?” A question that occupies kids’ thoughts (and many adults’…come on, admit it…) for weeks ahead of time, the decision is rarely made without a substantial amount of forethought: Should I go for scary or funky? Individual or group costume? Where will I find the right clothes and accessories? After all, this is the one day of the year that you’re not only encouraged to play dress-up all day long, but you’re also bound to be given candy for your efforts!! What could be better?!

So how is Halloween related to history? Well, without getting into the details of the historical origins of the festival (that’s a whole other, awesome discussion in and of itself!), I want to highlight one specific Halloween-related website that has a lot to do with history, female empowerment, and celebrating cultural heritage: introducing “Take Back Halloween” ( This website is dedicated to providing women and girls with fun and engaging Halloween ideas modelled on awesome women of history and mythology! From Marie Currie to Artemis, Cleopatra to Jane Austen, Take Back Halloween’s ever-growing collections feature the life stories of amazing women and how you can recreate their unique looks using things that you have lying around the house, hidden somewhere in your closet, or can be picked up at your local craftstore.

So instead of reaching for that black bodysuit and a pair of cat ears this Halloween, why not take this opportunity that comes but once a year to gain inspiration from kick-butt women of the past and share their stories with your friends? After all, turn up to a party with Queen Puabi’s golden headdress ( and I can pretty much guarantee you’ll win that costume contest…

2013-10-25 - Take Back Halloween


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