There’s been a lot of archaeology in the news lately, some stories more positive than others. From the discovery of the largest tomb ever found in Greece (http://greece.greekreporter.com/2014/09/15/amphipolis-tomb-timeline-what-we-know-until-now-ancient-greek-monument-updates/), to the devastating destruction of cultural heritage in Syria (http://www.upenn.edu/pennnews/current/2014-09-11/features/saving-syrian-history-middle-civil-war), archaeology, history, and cultural heritage are on everyone’s minds these days. The Internet is abuzz with these topics, and I’ll be sure to post some of my favourite discussions regarding these important issues over the next few weeks.

But to launch another academic year and get ready for the busy year ahead, I thought we should kick things off with a bit of fun – today, the Archaeological Institute of America launches “ArchaeoMadness” to get you pumped for International Archaeology Day 2014, now just one month away on Saturday, October 18!

So what is ArchaeoMadness? Think a World Cup pool, but without the soccer matches. Or the gambling. Or…I was going to say without the crazy fans, but I know just how passionate archaeologists can get about their favourite sites, so that may not hold true through the entirety of this competition… The basic premise is that the AIA has chosen 32 awesome archaeological sites to include in ‘Round 1’ of the tournament, and each day, two pairs of sites will be pitted against one another on the ArchaeoMadness website. The public (that’s you!) then votes for their favourites until the 16 winners of each pair enter ‘Round 2,’ and so on, until one site comes out as the champion of International Archaeology Day. Check it out: http://www.archaeological.org/archaeologyday/archaeomadness

Basically, this is the ultimate World Cup pool for archaeology nerds. And I love it. So join me in supporting archaeological sites around the world, raising awareness about diverse ancient cultures and their incredible remains, and entering for your chance to win daily prizes from the AIA.

Let the archaeological madness begin!

ArchaeoMadness 2014


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