November 9th

This morning, I have no words and no energy to be eloquent… So instead, a reminder, a desperate plea, and a call for unity.

November 9th is the anniversary of Kristallnacht, “the Night of Broken Glass,” the symbolic start of the horrific events of the Holocaust. Today it is remembered as International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism.

We humans never seem to learn from our mistakes, and history is already repeating itself. The 2016 US election campaign rang eerily similar to events of 70 years ago, and last night’s result is regressive, to say the least, for America and the world. But 1938 cannot happen again. I have hope that we will not let it happen again, but that will be possible only if we come together, learn from past mistakes, and build a future based on mutual respect and co-operation. Tolerance is not enough; empathy is the only way forward.

Cover Photo: A November 9 remembrance event in Vienna in 2014. From

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